Solving all our sports problems


For those who don’t know, I am a problem solver.  I can solve problems you don’t even know you have.

And it is with this in mind that I would like to lend my services to the sports world.  There are some serious problems in sports, and it is high time we solve them.  And fortunately, I have the answers.

So here you go!

+ Let’s start with the one that is most pressing.  All college basketball fans can tell you how many cans of Pepsi’s they drank the night of the 2010 NCAA National Championship game.  Butler and UCONN shot a most abysmal percentage, neither topping 30%.  UCONN won in the worst championship game ever.  The issue?  The game was played in a football stadium, all in the name of having some 60,000 people see the game in person, even though half watched the game on the jumbo video boards as their seats were so far away.  The solution?  Build an arena specific for the purpose of hosting the NCAA college basketball championship game.  Build it wherever you want (although that likely means Indianapolis) and build it with 60,000 seats.  A waste of money?  Aren’t all sports stadiums built with tax payer dollars?  Now granted it could host other events as well.  It can host both the men’s and women’s Final Four, as well as the First Four for the men.  NCAA volleyball championships could also be held there.  And to fill a few more dates, why not let the Pacers play there too?  Would never work?  Actually it already does.  The College World Series is played every year in Omaha.

+ Baseball began yesterday, and more teams begin play today.  Most people would say that the designated hitter needs to be abolished, or accepted in both leagues.  But I think there is a more pressing issue, and that is the schedule.  Too many games?  Perhaps; but the more pressing issue is Interleague Play.  If the American League were meant to play the National League, they would have joined the National League, and vice versa.  Let’s face it – all of the interesting World Series rematches have been played, twice; and all of the uninteresting World Series rematches have also been played twice.  There is no reason for teams with no connection at all to cross League lines and play each other; and if it doesn’t make sense for everyone, then it probably does not make sense for anyone.  Divisional races are being destroyed, as is the All Star Game and the World Series.  Let’s go back to the way things were, and end this horror that is Interleague play.

+ The NBA playoffs begin soonish.  Where is your favorite team ranked?  Who do they play in the first round?  No idea?  That’s probably because the NBA is divided into 2 groupings; first the Eastern and Western conference, and then into subdivisions of geographic regions.  These geographic regions are totally meaningless all year long UNTIL it is time for the playoffs, then all of a sudden they are the equivalent of Levitical Law.  Win your geographic division?  Congratulations!  You are now ranked ahead of a team with 5 more wins than you, because they are the 2nd best team in their geographic division.  Let’s just call it what it is – there is the East and there is the West, one through eight, best record on top, and then descending order from there.  No more meaningless geographic divisions.

+ As for you hockey, no matter how you do it, no matter what it takes; you cannot continue your playoffs into a period of the calendar year when there is no ice or freezing temperatures anywhere in North America.  If you can’t finish your season and playoffs by May 1st, you have a problem, and the problem is the weather.  Take your bucket of water and go home and figure out how to finish everything before the ice melts.

+ And now for the NFL, everyone loves you except for me.  There is so much I could say in regards to how no one should play before college, or how all helmet hits should be banned, or how you need to learn the meaning of the word offseason; but for this post, I will confine myself to the Super Bowl, and how there is no reason on the face of the earth for there to be 2 weeks between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl.   If the conference championship game is this Sunday, that means the Super Bowl is next Sunday, no questions asked.  Nothing of any interest happens in between, just get on with it already.

+ And finally a word to all of you – you all need to invest some money in youth coaching.  Why are more and more kids needing Tommy John surgery?  Because the quality of youth pitching coaches is deplorable.  How come no one can hit a 20 foot jump shot?  Because all youth want to shoot are 3 pointers and dunk on pint size rims, and their coaches let them.  Why do player dance around after every first down?  Because their coaches never told them otherwise.  Somehow, someway, there needs to be an improvement in youth coaching, and for the survival of all sports, the professional leagues need to invest in it.

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