Star Wars needs closure

Yesterday, the world awoke and logged into their favorite social media sites and were greeted with the trailer for the latest Star Wars movie – Rogue One.

The movie will serve essentially as a prequel to Episode IV, which begins with Princess Leia loading the design of the Death Star into R2-D2 as Darth Vader and the storm troopers board the rebel starship.  Rogue One will detail how the plans got away from the Empire and to Princess Leia.

I watched the preview for Rogue One a couple of times, and there are some familiar characters from Episode IV, and there are a plethora of new characters.

But Star Wars fans are familiar with previews by now, and they are familiar with the joke/concern that accompanies every preview – Is Jar Jar Binks in the movie?

Yes, the famed Gungan, who played a somewhat major role in Episode I and then ever decreasing roles in Episodes II and III has become a forgotten character of sorts at LucasFilms, but he lingers on in the minds of Star Wars fans.

The last we see of Jar Jar Binks is at the close of Episode III where he is in the funeral procession for Padme; after that it is unclear what happens to him.  Some would say he dies when Emperor Palpetine dissolves the senate, others would say his character was irrelevant to begin with.

But this proves the point of this post – Star Wars fans need closure on the issue of Jar Jar Binks.  We need to see him again, and we need to close off his story.  For those who think the prequels are an abomination, it would serve as a way for them to have at least some small sense of satisfaction that the character they have come to despise the most, has been removed from any and all possibilities of future cameos.  For those of us who think the prequels actually make the entire Star Wars story line complete, it would be the proper completion of a character that we were introduced to and told was significant, if only it was for the prequels.

It is the equivalent of Yoda dying in Episode VI, sure he was a minor character who was quirky and odd, but he was deemed significant by the script, and we needed to complete his story before we could fully appreciate the story of Luke.

So here is hoping that Jar Jar Binks has one more appearance left in the Star Wars movie; it does not have to be big, nor does it have to be gruesome.  Perhaps somewhere in Rogue One, Jar Jar Binks could sacrifice himself for the good of the mission, thus completing his story with some dignity and honor.

But however it happens, it is clear that Star Wars needs closure on this issue so that we may go forward and fully embrace the story of not just Luke, but also of Kylo Ren and Rey.

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