All I want for Christmas… An Advent Series


This year, I was once again privileged to present an Advent series as a breakout session at the Kansas District Pastor’s Conference.  I now offer it to you for your benefit.

Today, Christmas is all about getting and wanting material things; it is all about over indulging on food and drink; it is all about making that once a year connection with friends and family; it is all about telling ourselves that we have been good.

What is the result, Christmas leaves many feeling empty and lost, our Christmas memories are guilt, dread over impending credit card bills, and crash diets, as opposed to rejoicing in the birth of the Christ child.

This series puts a new spin on the phrase All I want for Christmas.  It points out the commercial and sentimental trap that we fall into each year; the goal of the series is to turn our eyes off of the world’s version of Christmas, and focus us back on the babe of Bethlehem who comes to save us from sin, and offer us His salvation.

This series is also Catechism based, serving our purpose of preparing for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by recommitting ourselves to the continued study of Luther’s famous text.

What you will find here is the outline-handout of the presentation, a newsletter article, as well as sermons for each service.  Feel free to use as much or as little of it as you so choose.

May the Lord bless your proclamation our Lord and Savior.

Baptism sermon

Lords-Supper sermon

Forgiveness sermon

Lord’s Prayer sermon

Christmas sermon

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