A march and a movie


Friday was the annual March for Life, and throughout much of the morning, I followed a couple of different feeds reporting from the March, particularly the LCMS feed.  At lunch time, I was able to watch some of the speeches on EWTN.

One speaker, Rep. Mia Lowe, was particularly powerful in her delivery and in the message she delivered.  At one point, she followed a theme I have used in my own pro-life messages, the ‘What might have been’ narrative.  The children aborted could very well have become the doctor who cured cancer or Alzheimer’s, or any number of other diseases; the child aborted could have become the astronaut who stood on Mars; the child aborted could have become a lawyer or businessman, or even President; but we will never know, because that child never got the chance.

It is a particularly powerful argument about the killing of potential life, lives that very well could have changed the course of human events.

But did you notice who was not listed in that list?  Probably not, because I never mention it either; but it actually struck me today when the speaker did mention that abortion kills future mothers and fathers.

That’s right, in my, in our, rush to list off all the things we are missing by aborting children, we forget the most simple and yet most essential of vocations, that of mother and father.  Rep. Lowe used it almost as a throwaway line, hardly dwelling on it, but rather including mother in the litany of professions.

As I was thinking about that, my wife and I went and saw the movie Sing on Friday night, where one of the characters striving to be discovered for her singing talent is a mother, Rosita, who manages a home of 25 rambunctious piglets, and a husband who barely notices her.  The mother serves her vocation well, but is just a cog in the system who gets the kids up in the morning and off to school, and her husband off to work.  In fact, while she is at auditions and rehearsals, she develops a mechanical system to do her job that would make any engineer stand back in awe, because the routine is so normal, that she knows what is going to happen and when without any variance.

What does this have to do with the March for Life?  The simple fact that as a society we devalue the vocation of mothers and fathers, and when we do that, we devalue the children that come forth from that.

For all children do in fact have value; whether that child becomes the doctor who cures cancer, or the next CEO of a major corporation, or a mother or father, or even if that child should spend their whole life living with Down Syndrome or confined to a wheel chair.  For each and every child is valued from the moment of conception as a child of God.  For our heavenly Father finds value in all of His children, and that value is not based on what happened during your years on earth, but by what Christ Jesus Himself endured on your behalf, shedding His holy and precious blood for you, no matter who you are or what you accomplish.

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