The miracle of birth

Saturday morning, while scrolling through social media, we were surprised to see various people posting that April was giving birth.

For those unaware, April is a giraffe living in New York, who has been due any day for over a month; and thanks to modern technology, a live video feed (with corporate sponsor) was available around the clock so people could keep watch.

We watched some of it, it actually took over an hour from when the first signs appeared until the newborn giraffe plopped onto the ground.  At various points, there were well over a million viewers; and countless others have since watched a condensed version of the events online.

Why is this interesting?  On the one hand, it really isn’t; April was over a month late in giving birth; no one thought it would be this long before the baby was born.  And no doubt, a million other things have been going on in the world that rate far higher in terms of importance than a random giraffe.

But there is something deeply evident in this giraffe: in a culture where we butcher babies in the womb and do everything we can to prevent having more children than what we think will provide minimal inconvenience to our lives; we are still amazed at the miracle of birth.

What April the Giraffe reveals, is our deeply human instincts that life is good.  Millions watched the birth; millions more will enter the contest to name the baby; millions more will flock to catch a glimpse of the mother and her newborn.

Which is exactly what happens when a baby is born.  We rejoice, we celebrate, we reflect back upon the births of others, and we rush from all corners of the earth to welcome this new member of the family.

Deeply rooted in each one of us, is that very word of God that He created us in His own image, and has declared us to be holy and precious in His sight; and His love is so deep, so broad and so high, that He sent His one and only Son into the world to redeem us from our sins, even the sin of hating the very life that God has declared to be precious.

For as wretched a culture as we are, we still cannot hide the fact, that life is good.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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