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A city of idols

Easter 6  Acts 17:16-31 Paul, standing in the middle of Athens, notices that the city is full of idols; which is about as profound an observation as saying that you went into a bar and noticed a lot of people … Continue reading

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Who do you want for a pastor?

Recently, my wife and I have been hooked on a BBC drama called Father Brown which ran for several years, and is now on Netflix.  The series is based off of short stories of the same name by GK Chesterton.  … Continue reading

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A word to the Shepherds

Circuit 13 & 15 Joint Winkel – St. John 10:1-10 In my fourth year of seminary, Dr. Warneck, gave us his infamous handout the first day of his Pastoral Theology class, which probably totaled half a ream of paper; nearly … Continue reading

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Just do it

First Lutheran Church  Plainville, Kansas Peace Lutheran Church   Natoma, Kansas May, 2017 At any given time, I have a variety of writing projects that I am working on.  Some of these have deadlines that have to be met; others have … Continue reading

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