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July 2011 newsletter

Peace Lutheran Church Natoma, Kansas July, 2011 This letter is the third in a series about enhancing one’s devotional life; the first two parts can be seen in the January and April newsletter. (Ask Pastor for a copy if you … Continue reading

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The need for uniformity

Imagine you and I attend two different churches of the same denomination and meet for lunch afterward.  How much of what we both experienced should be the same and how much should vary? Now to be honest, some things are … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Lectionary

Name the first 5 Old Testament stories that come into your mind. Got them? Good, now tell me when was the last time you heard that account read in church on Sunday morning, let alone heard a sermon about it? … Continue reading

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How do you sing your hymns?

Growing up, on the way home from church on Sunday morning’s, we would discuss the service.  And one of the things that we always discussed was the quality of the hymns that we sang during the service (we were not … Continue reading

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What about the 3000?

Read Acts 2:1-21 We know well the traditional Pentecost reading from Acts 2 which many of us heard in church this morning.  How the Holy Spirit descends down upon the disciples and moved them to leave the safety of their … Continue reading

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Miss something this week?

Did you notice what day Thursday was? Probably not. After all, most calendars did not make notice of the occasion; I personally forgot to put it on our own church calendar.  But Thursday was the celebration of the Ascension of … Continue reading

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