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A city of idols

Easter 6  Acts 17:16-31 Paul, standing in the middle of Athens, notices that the city is full of idols; which is about as profound an observation as saying that you went into a bar and noticed a lot of people … Continue reading

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A word to the Shepherds

Circuit 13 & 15 Joint Winkel – St. John 10:1-10 In my fourth year of seminary, Dr. Warneck, gave us his infamous handout the first day of his Pastoral Theology class, which probably totaled half a ream of paper; nearly … Continue reading

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Strangers in the night

Easter 3 – St. Luke 24:13-35 Who are the two Emmaus disciples? Our text sort of identifies them as Cleopas and Simon; but that only begs the next question as to who are they? And why are they leaving Jerusalem?  … Continue reading

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Worthy to suffer

Easter 2 – Acts 5:29-42

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Jesus is enough

The Resurrection of Our Lord – St. Matthew 28:1-10

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The last curtain

Good Friday – St. Matthew 27:51 What was the Old Testament lesson on the First Sunday in Lent?  Adam and Eve falling into sin, and being cast out of the Garden of Eden, thus being separated from God, with whom … Continue reading

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Shed Blood

Maundy Thursday – St. Matthew 27:1-10 Judas did not have to die. That is the irony of the entire Passion account.  Judas did a horrible thing, but he did not have to die.  Peter likewise did a horrible thing, in … Continue reading

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